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" . . the venerable David Gilmour has one, so there must be something hip and ​interesting going on here" 
​" . . made this acoustic 12-string sound full and lush, creating a great aural experience . .  "

"The bottom line on the Espresso 15 is this:
​It captures and amplifies the true sound of your acoustic guitar with the lush musical character of a handwired tube amplifier rather than a stiff and sterile piece of modern sound reinforcement . .  "

 . . . it not only looks cooler than just about every acoustic guitar amp in the history of the universe, but it also sounds utterly gorgeous . . .

 . . . if you are looking for audiophile quality amplification for your home/studio . . .
 . . playing through the Espresso is fun, and getting a satisfying, expressive tone is all but effortless.