Espresso 15  -   The combo-amp that started it all!

*  15W from dual EL84's  (JJ Electronics)

*  Eminence 10" hi-fi speaker and super-tweeter 

*  Hybrid point-point and turret board circuit construction

*  Silver plated wire in signal chain and silver-loaded solder throughout

*  Many options to choose from to customize this to suit your personal needs

   -   base price $2,895

Barista 10
*  Probably the best speaker cabinet you'll ever own

*  Uses the same 10" speaker/tweeter combination as the Espresso 15

*  Cabinet design uses a side-firing port and a curved baltic-birch rear panel
    which opens up the sound, and provides an extremely solid &
    sonically inert enclosure

*  Side walls are double-skin 3/4" baltic birch ply and 3/4" hardwood 

*  Various options available: custom stand, speakon connectors, pole-mount
    fixture, and tweeter attenuator  (tweeter on/off switch is standard)

   -   base price $1,995 

Espresso 30
* Tried and trusted electronics driving a matched quad of EL84's in a
   standalone amp-head, for the same pristine sound, only louder.

* Separating the amp from the speaker allows long-plate preamp
   tubes to be used, which are even smoother (prone to microphonics in a combo-amp)

* Many options are available to configure the Espresso 30 to suit your
   individual needs, including reverb, aux-in (handy for backing tracks), dual
   channels and even a full stereo version - the Espresso 30S

* The optional tube driven spring-reverb was designed with acoustic players
   in mind.  Those that do use reverb typically use the lower numbers on the
   dial, so the Espresso 30 reverb is tuned to provide a full sweep that only
​   goes as high as '4' on a standard reverb

   -   base price $3,245  

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Espresso Solo
Uses the same chassis & circuitry as the Espresso 15, in a standalone amp-head

*  A convenient way to deliver the ultimate sound to a PA system,
    or as a DI for a sound-deck.
*  15W power-amp may also be used to drive an external speaker cabinet
​    (the Barista, for example)

*  Height 14", width & depth 10"

*  XLR (balanced) line-out, external speaker output (impedance protected)

   -   base price $1,885

15 watt boutique tube amp
Custom acoustic guitar amp-head

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