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Thanks for clicking through to the Humphrey Amps website!
Guitar Aficionado is a fantastic publication, and we're honored to be introducing our range of all-tube acoustic amps and speakers to their readers   (they're fantastic, warm,  ultra-clean amps for electric/archtop guitars too.  Especially suited for that sparkling Tele sound)

If you've never heard of Humphrey Amps, we ask that you please take just a few minutes to check out the other pages to get a feel for what we're all about.  There's reviews, videos, info on the range of products and a heartfelt note on our mission to deliver the ultimate in audiophile-quality equipment

I think The ToneQuest Report caught the true essence of our goal when they said   -  
" . . . The bottom line on the Espresso 15 is this:   ​
​It captures and amplifies the true sound of your acoustic guitar with the lush musical character of a hand-wired tube amplifier rather than a stiff and sterile piece of modern sound reinforcement . .  "

Please get in touch with whatever questions may be in your mind.  We look forward to hearing from you, and hope we have the opportunity to build your dream amplifier!

Gerry & Shirley Humphrey